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Customer Experience on Finnair


First impressions count. Being offered with a smile a small bottle of water can make a difference. It brought a smile on my face. I had heard quite a bit about the new aircraft (mostly via #Finnair itself and its advertising, not from customers, which would be more convincing!). Entering the plane it stroked me as new. It’s always nice to try something new, and I noticed that it brings a certain kind of a feeling of security. New plane = advanced technology = safer flying. But no “wow” effect whatsoever, just an aircraft. The newness could even be smelled. How does new smell? What about bringing the wow effect into that by adding some scent?

Out of all senses smell leaves the strongest memorable touch or engram.


Service and everything was ok. Critically looking the staff (presumably Chinese) could attend equally to all passengers rather than three of them attending to just one with a baby. Second, I wonder afterwards that what kind of a message it conveys that the English accent of flight attendant(s) of a Finnish/ European airline only reminds as if travelling in China?

The food was good, maybe the best I have eaten in Finnair and one of the best in any airline. And we weren’t even hungry so it cannot explain the good appetite. The overhead lockers appeared truly the smartest I have ever seen!

The content of flight entertainment was nothing special, but the browsing system was nice. The chairs were as comfortable in tourist class as they can be and you could tell that there was a bit more leg room than in most planes, or felt like it. Sadly, however, the plane travelled only maybe about 70% full. Good for us as we occupied three seats instead of two. But for business, such capacity is too low. Furthermore, this wonderful new aircraft flies half empty? Shouldn’t it be full? What could be done to gain at least 95% occupancy year round?


I know we have flown #A350 – it is reminded on almost all announcements. What’s there for a customer who is not an aircraft enthusiast? And isn’t that a bit of old news already? Are we talking about engineering technology, benefits it brings, or how the customer perceives it? The benefits are not explained to passengers. Instead of saying “new A350”these benefits should be emphasized: ecological flying, environment saving, safe flying and landings, comfortable atmosphere, more leg room and nice sliding chairs to accommodate the best seating experience, easy-to-use-flight entertainment (special notice from the teenager), etc.

The light show would have been better without announcing it as a light show: let the passenger make meaningful observations. Now it ended up being childish. If the atmosphere – cleanliness, scent, and lightning – is simply created, the customer buys it as a feeling.

Feelings are longer lasting than words.

Overall, the flight was just what Finnair is to me: safe, steady, reliable, but a bit indifferent.

Tiedätkö mitä on PEM?

Bisnes rakastaa lyhenteitä. PEM tarkoittaa jo montaa asiaa, mutta annan sille vielä yhden merkityksen: Personnel Experience Management:n. Se olkoon vastineena nykyisin paljon puhuttavalle CEM:lle (customer experience management).

Perustelen tarvetta sillä, että CEMiä ei synny ilman PEMiä. Asiakaskokemusta ei saisi lähteä rakentamaan ainoastaan ulkoapäin. En lainkaan vähättele – vaan suorastaan korostan – asiakkaiden mieltymysten ja fiilisten selvittelyä onnistuneen asiakaskokemuksen luomisessa. Mutta jos yrityksen sisäinen palvelukokemus ei tue sitä, se on päälle liimattu kuori joka pysyy paikoillaan vain sen ajan kuin sen muistaa, vähän niin kuin tekohampaat.

Siispä. PEM + CEM =PnCEM eli Personnel and Customer Experience Management.

Kun yrityksessä on päätetty, mikä merkitys palvelulla on, sen tulee sitouttaa henkilöstö toteuttamaan tavoitetilaa. Työkalut, prosessit ja systeemit on hiottava tavoitteen toteuttamisen tueksi. Sekä ennen kaikkea ohjata sisäinen palvelukulttuuri (PEM) sellaiseksi, että asiakkaan palvelukokemus (CEM) on tavoitteen mukainen. Ei muovitekareita vaan aidot ja pysyvät.

Asiakaslähtöisyyttä tai –keskeistä (customer driven tai centricity) yritystä ei ole, ellei ensin ole henkilöstökeskeistä (personnel driven or centric).

Niin että kotipesä kuntoon ja tekarit hiiteen!